Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Pattern

Just wanted to let you know I will have a new quilt coming out in the magazine American Patchwork and Quilting in their late summer issue. I sent it off to them today for photography and the like. I am excited and here is a tiny sample
and I can tell you to start saving your scraps and I mean alot of them. I literally made this quilt from my basket of scraps except for the backgrounds. It is amazing to me what we can do with our scraps. I just started sewing one day after thinking that I needed to just use up some of the stuff I have around here. I think you will like what I came up with. It is very whimsical and fun.

 On another note, I have been teaching a weekly class in beginner quilting and my students are doing wonderful. They have gone from making squares and rectangles to half square triangles and quarter square triangles. They are doing wonderful and having a great time doing and learning. Here are a couple of the blocks we have been working on. Enjoy....


  1. Can't wait to see the entire quilt in the magazine, let us know the issue we need to look for. Won't this be your third quilt in a magazine?

    Are you available to teach classes at local quilt shops? quilt guilds ?

  2. I will keep you posted on the issue when it comes out. Right now I teach classes in my studio but would consider shops and such.