Thursday, May 10, 2012

What about Color

I am often asked about my choices in color in what I create. To me people often think they cannot put colors together because they look at something else and think that they could never do it. To me color comes down to putting enough trust and faith in yourself to pick what you like.It is very easy to like what someone else picks and copy that but then you will never be really creating what is inside you. There is alot of freedom that comes with doing what you like and not being stuck on creating an exact replica of what someone else has already done. There is no need to go hunting for that exact fabric that someone else used in their quilt just because you are afraid to pick something that will work and maybe be an even better choice. Trust your inner voices and go with them. When you get dressed in the morning you are capable of making choices that work together and choosing fabrics for your quilts is not a whole lot different. You know your style and what you like better than anyone else. You know what makes you happy and makes you feel vibrant.

Okay, you may say but I still am not any good at picking out fabrics for a quilt. Let go of that thought and try. Here is an experiment. Take this Block. It uses 7 different fabrics. They all look great together. You may not like yellow and orange but this works. I used several shades of yellow and orange and also different scales of fabric from the large polka dot to the little tiny orange with little triangles on it. Nothing really stands out like a neon sign. In fact when I made this it was for a class that I was teaching. I just pulled everything out of my scrap basket. I really like this and it was fun. It all comes down to trusting yourself and what you like. Make a block. Any block. It is just practice. Make yourself use stuff that you want and trust that little voice that says yes I like that and pay no heed to the one that makes you second guess yourself. You will be amazed at what you are capable of.